Still from the film Amores perros

Research Profile for
Dr Geoffrey Kantaris


Latin American Culture


Reader in Latin American Culture
Dpt of Spanish and Portuguese
and Centre of Latin American Studies 
University of Cambridge

Current research project

Contemporary Latin American Cinema: The Urban Paradigm 

Through a distinctive reading and comparison of three national cinematographies at their point of encounter with globalization, this study aims to add to our understanding of Latin American cultural responses to its problematic and uneven (post)modernity. Cinematic culture, in particular, is positioned on the cusp of national and global culture industries, caught between an incessant globalization of the imagined community of the nation, and a national recycling and interpretation of this new global imaginary, between national print cultures and international televisual culture. The study aims to contribute to our understanding not only of new cultural developments in Latin America, but also of their point of intersection with global systems of cultural and economic exchange. It will attempt to interrogate the metropolitan theorization of postmodern (urban) culture from an engaged yet critical standpoint: that of its global reach and its encounter with the violence engendered at the periphery of international finance.

Some preliminary work towards this project has been published (on-line versions are available): A jungle of bodies: Victoria stalked in Hasta morir

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I welcome contact from anyone working in related areas, whether it be comment, enquiries, discussion of issues, or offers for sharing of information.

Geoffrey Kantaris